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SGL Investments is one of the largest private sector construction companies in Ghana that specializes in large scale civil construction and energy networks by formulating new age construction technologies. Having established its presence in Ghana, the company is a diversified conglomerate offering services in high value infrastructural projects like Highways, Roads, Irrigation, Water Supply, Mining, Power Transmission & Distribution, Civil Engineering, Building and Urban Infrastructures.

SGL Investments, a dynamic endeavor with multi-cultural work force has the experience of working in different geographies and diverse terrain, empowering it to explore and pursue the vigorous plans and enormous opportunity in the global market…

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SGL Investments is actively engaged in the Solar energy market as its contribution in solving the energy crises confronting the nation. To this end, SGL is currently engaging with Investors to go into joint venture programs for the construction of an ultra modern solar generating facility...

Renewable Energy

SGL Investments is also in close consultation with industry players and investors in the areas of other forms of renewable energy, such as Wind, Biomas and Geo Thermal.
In consolidating our efforts in bringing renewable and sustainable energy to the good people of Ghana...

Building & Housing

The Building and Housing division of the company is equipped with domain knowledge; requisite expertise and wide ranging experience to undertake Engineering, Procurement and Construction of all types of building structures...

Roads & Bridges

Roads are the arteries of a country's infrastructure. The ability to move goods and people is essential before a country's economy can make progress. Good roads in Ghana are a vital ingredient in the country's future development.

Water & Irrigation

The major consumptive uses in Ghana are water supply, irrigation and livestock watering. Domestic and industrial urban water supplies are based almost entirely on surface water, either impounded behind small dams or diverted by weirs in rivers. Water supplies in rural areas...


The majority of Ghanaian mines are located in Western, Ashanti and Eastern Regions of Ghana. With new discoveries of mineral deposits in the Northern Region of the country, the mining industry is poised to improve its contribution to Ghana's GDP.